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Powerserve is always looking for exemplary team oriented workers to join the Powerserve Team.

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Protection & Control Field Engineer Trainee

Protection & Control work is the testing, verifying, modifying, installing, and commissioning the protective schemes of transmission lines, transformers, substation busses, capacitor banks, and other high voltage facilities typically located inside high voltage substations. This work is highly technical. Typically, in order to learn how to competently perform this work, the knowledge of electrical principles gained through obtaining a BSEE in Power. This knowledge is the starting point of on the job training and self-study required to achieve proficiency performing Protection & Control work without oversight. This process takes 3 to 4 years of diligent work and after work hours study. This work is performed outside inside energized high voltage substations under the hot sun and inside non-air conditioned control houses. There is a significant work out of town both within and outside the state of Florida. The base location is Jupiter Florida 

Substation Welder

This candidate must be a certified 6G aluminum welder to apply for this position. This position requires welding of high voltage pipe bus  and other substation construction work when no welding is needed. The welding work is not full time so the applicant must like to perform substation construction work consisting of steel erection, assembly of equipment, and pulling cable. As a certified aluminum welder you will be trained to become a substation Technician.

This position requires significant out of town work. 99% of the work is within Florida. The typical work week is four ten hour days.

High Voltage Substation Technician Trainee

Locations: Jupiter, Ft. Myers, and  Miami 

  We are seeking a Substation Technician Trainee to become an integral part of our team! You will be working inside high voltage substations learning to install steel structures, porcelain insulators, high voltage Equipment, assembly of high voltage gang operated switches, pulling control cable, and other work required to construct and modify substations. Out of town work is required.


  • Follow all safety rules and work safely
  • Follow instructions to perform quality work
  • Learn by performing homework, attending free training classes, and from on the job training
  • Responsibilities for this position also include leading other helpers in completing these installations in a safe, quality, and productive manner. Out of town travel for work is required. Emergency work is required. 


  • Integrity - do the right thing when no one is watching
  • Ability to work hard outside under the hot sun
  • Honesty
  • Be a team player

High Voltage Substation Technician

 This position is for an experienced technician to work in energized high voltage substations. This position requires a minimum of 8 years experience that demonstrates the following capabilities working inside an energized substations (13kV to 500kV) in close proximity to energized bus and equipment in a safe manner.

  • Assemble three pole motor operated switches.
  • Install circuit switchers with shunt trip.
  • Install copperweld grounding.
  • Bend, fit, and install bus bar.
  • Operate hypress.
  • Operate hydraulic Octupus bender.
  • Operate magnetic drill for precision holes in structural steel.
  • Operate hydraulic bus punch for NEMA 4 hole connections.
  • Clean, grease, properly install bolts & Belleville washers, and torque high voltage connections


Powerserve Technologies Employee's Enjoy:

  • Full time employees receive 1 week paid vacation after one year, 6 paid holidays, health insurance after 90 days, 401K plan.

Powerserve Employee Requirements:

  • Drug free workplace. No felonies or DUI’s.
  • Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

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